Necklace Size Guide

Finding the perfect fit for your custom necklace just got easier. Here's a quick guide to help you choose the right length for your style:

- 14-16 inches: Adjustable for a close fit or just at the collarbone. Perfect for a subtle look or layering.
- 16-18 inches: Classic length that sits nicely at the collarbone. Versatile for daily wear.
- 18-20 inches: Slightly longer, falling just below the collarbone. Great for a statement piece.
- 20-22 inches: Reaches above the cleavage, ideal for a bold look.

All necklaces come with a 2-inch extension to give you flexibility in styling.

Double Layer Necklaces: Choose a length, and we'll adjust it to ensure the pendant sits comfortably. For example, a 14-inch choice will be adjusted to 16 inches, allowing the charm to fit perfectly at the shorter length.

Tips for Your Perfect Necklace

- Think about your outfit's neckline when choosing your necklace length.
- Remember, the best accessory is confidence! Pick the length that makes you feel great.

Feel free to reach out if you need more help finding your ideal necklace size. Happy shopping!